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“I was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctors all said that I only had one month left to live.” Said Tran, a student of Master William Ye, who disappeared one day after 10 years of attendance. “Upon my return, Master Ye treated me with his Qi Gong treatment. Miraculously, after one month, all my pain has vanished.”

Another student of Master Ye has witnessed his abilities. “My mother’s right calf and foot was paralyzed,” he said. “The doctors all insisted it to be amputated or it could lead to a life threatening danger. But after two weeks of treatment, she was able to walk again, even run a little. It was truly a miracle.”

A passerby, John, walked in to Master Ye’s studio seeking possible medical attention for his stomach. He claimed to be feeling extreme yet indescribable pain and discomfort in his lower right abdomen for several months now. He had taken a few ultrasounds and x-rays, but detected no results. Master Ye told him to lie down, and began treating his back. John had wondered why his back was being treated despite his pain being in front. Upon being questioned, Master Ye simply said, “Time and dimension are just illusions.” This answer had left John puzzled, but he accepted the treatment nonetheless. After 10 seconds of excruciating, near unbearable pain, the treatment yielded immense results. John felt much better, but the pain was still persisting. At this Master Ye taught him several pressure points to which he was to regularly massage at home. A few days later John came back, completely healed.


$80/regular one session QiGong treatment   單項功能調理
$168/one session total body QiGong treatment   全身功能調理
$218/one session total body power QiGong treatment   特殊全身功能調理
$288/regular four sessions QiGong treatment   單項功能調理四堂
$350/regular five sessions QiGong treatment   單項功能調理五堂

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