Self Defense

Women self defense skills

92% of the Women’s Self Defense videos teach techniques

that would never work on the street!

Did you know that most of what is taught in Women’s Self Defense Seminars is useless in a real life attack?

Why most women self defense techniques don’t work?

  • Many traditional women’s self defense training are too complicated for the average person to be executed. This is especially true when the woman is under attack out of street, especially from behind
  • Many of the kicking and punching techniques are great for the studio or for sport competition, but are useless on the street. In real life danger situation, they have no chance to use these techniques at all
  • Most complicated techniques can not be executed properly when the women is under pressure and the adrenaline levels of the attacker are high.
  • Most techniques taught were not designed for women. They require too much upper arm and foot strength. Remember that woman has way less muscles than men.
  • It require years of training or under the direct training of the master instructor to learn those techniques.
  • What makes Women Self Defense at Kung Fu Yes different from others?
    Master Ye has over 30 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts specialized in Women Self Defense. Master Ye has analyzed different situation about how, when and where most women were attacked in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Based on these facts with his real life experience, Kung Fu Yes has developed a Women Slef Defense system that:
    • Can handle real street situations and sexual assault
    • Is designed to defeat a much larger and strong attacker
    • Contain minimum amount of techniques
    • Is effective regardless of any body type of the attacker
    • Is quick and decisive
    • Is easy to learn
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